About Me

How it all started…

From motherhood to business woman, to grandmother and beyond God has been with me. My life has been a journey, and my guide has been His Holy Spirit and His Holy Word. In the years of raising my family I tried to inspire them to walk in God’s purpose for their lives and to listen for His directions, for He does speak to us. It is my hope now to inspire others to do the same by sharing what I believe the Lord has spoken to me. I hope you enjoy these blogs and the inspirational images I have created.

Back in the 90’s I attended a Christian Women’s Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. The topic was, “The Holy Spirit”.  This conference changed my relationship with God.  I learned that through His Holy Spirit, He will speak into our inner-most being revealing His thoughts, desires, and His very heart.  We just have to listen. It was no longer just me talking to God, suddenly through my faith in His love and His Word, a two-way communication opened up.

And that’s where it all started.  I listened, He spoke, I wrote it down and after filling hundreds of notebooks, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “It’s time to share.”

As I continue to listen, He continues to speak. In this blog I am sharing some of the wonderful insights received through the Holy Spirit during intimate moments with my Father and Jesus. It is my hope to reveal His heart to you through writing what He says to me, but truly, I believe He is also speaking to you. Just listen and be encouraged.

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