The Clock and The Shoes

This is a story of how the Lord spoke to me through a clock.  I know, a little hard to believe, but hear me out.

One evening when my husband and I had just sat down to dinner the digital alarm clock went off for no reason.  We had not set the alarm and when I checked, the alarm button was switched to OFF.  I picked up the clock and it stopped buzzing.  The time was 6:24 pm.

Now during this winter month I was feeling unusually stiff and uncomfortable, achy in my lower back, and even dizzy at times, especially when my neck hurt.  So I’d been praying about this.

Well, for the next 4 nights the alarm continued to go off at exactly 6:24.  Weird, right?  However, I remembered reading that sometimes when the Holy Spirit wants to tell us something He will use repetition to get our attention.  So I asked, “Lord, what are you trying to tell me?”

I figured it must be a Bible verse He wanted me to see.  I pulled up my Bible app and looked at every chapter 6, verse 24 that I could find.  Nothing seemed to resonate. So I clicked out of the Bible. I would think about it some more and “listen harder.”

Since I was on my device, I decided to check an Amazon order. When I pulled up the sight, I saw the word SEARCH.  “Hmmm,” I thought, “What if I type in 624?”  So I did!

This is what came up.  New Balance 624 Comfort Cross Trainer.  Ok, this sounds right, Balance, Comfort, Cross Training!  Wait, it gets better, the description read:  “Enhanced Flexibility, move freely and naturally,” and it finished with “Provides lasting stability and comfort as you move throughout your day.”

Did I need another pair of tennis shoes?  NO!  But did I order these?  You bet I did!  I am happy to report that I have seen great improvement in my lower back and neck.  Who knew that God would pick out shoes for us?  I call them my “Jesus Shoes.”  Each time I put them on, I am reminded of how much Jesus loves me!

Oh, one more thing, the day I placed the order for the shoes, the alarm stopped going off at 6:24…except for one more time.  About three weeks later it happened again.  I had to smile.  I think He wanted to remind me of our crazy clock encounter and of how much fun He can be!

I was reminded of Isaiah 48:17, “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is good for you and leads you along the paths you should follow.”

(Artwork by Brittany Mikolajewski)

Published by marcymikolajewski

A wife, mother, retired business woman, and daughter of the Heavenly Father. It is my goal to inspire and encourage others in their faith, providing hope.

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